City cannot handle even 6 cms rain

Experts point that Bengaluru cannot even 6 cm of rainfall as both administration has no contingency plan in place to keep pace with the growing city.

Ramachandra Gowda, former deputy chairperson of state planning board and now an urban expert said that Monday night's downpour shows that the government is not serious.

“All projects are being undertaken for up coming elections like road widening and footpath improvement. There is no assessment of the areas where problems repeat, why they repeat? and take corrective measures. There is no review. They all just indulge in escaping problems and do not take things seriously,” he said.

He pointed that the city has grown, but the drainage system and the pace of development is slow vis-a-vis city's growth. Approvals are given without analysing any details. This leads to chaos and problems when it rains.

Prof T V Ramachandra, from Centre of Ecological Sciences, IISc said that the sewage lines and storm water drains are polluted. The rajakaluves are too narrow, desilting has not been done. Money is being spent on concretising drains which is not required. “There is a need to eliminate the senseless designs driven by consultant- contractors- engineers nexus, which will not serve the purpose. Unnecessary pilferage of public money is happening which is leading to flooding,” he pointed.

 A senior Urban Development Department who is heading one of the key agencies too admitted that the administration is not prepared to tackle even a moderate rain fall.

“There is no escape from flooding as storm water drains are not cleaned and encroachment not cleared. There is also delay in project implementation and lethargic procedures. We know that there is encroachment, the areas are also known. But still nothing is being done. Construction and development is booming in north and east Bengaluru, but still infrastructure development is poor there. South Bengaluru floods each time because there is pressure on lakes,” he said.

 Senior officials in the India Meteorological Department also said the same. “If we recollect there was flooding near Madiwala in July last year. That time the city had received mere 4cms rainfall in 24 hours and the month’s total was 209.4 mm. There was flooding in August 2009 also, that time the city had received 7 cm rainfall in 24 hours. When the government is aware that every year during monsoon there is heavy down pour and low lying areas are prone to flooding, still nothing is done,” the official said.

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