Milk price rise: Farmers happy, consumers not

Milk price rise: Farmers happy, consumers not

Housewives, daily wage workers unhappy with price hike

Thousands of farmers who have chosen dairy farming as their main profession are benefited by the price hike, have welcomed the price hike.

However, in the district it has become a burden for the poor and the middle class. The daily wage earners and housewives are simmering with anger.

In this scenario of pain and happiness, there are mixed reactions.
According to some the increase in price of milk by Rs three has definitely not benefited the farmers much.
Even if it had been increased by just Re one it would have  the same effect, is the feeling of some.

What if the price has gone up, can the consumption of milk be stopped, ask a few others.
In the district where dairy farming is the major industry, the increase in price of milk has brought happiness to the farmers, said farmer D Venkatesh of Dhanamattahalli.
The increase will definitely benefit the farmers. The price of fodder will go up. There will not be much difference in expenditure and profit.
If the government in the future brings down the price of milk, the fodder price will not brought down.

The farmers will once again  be in trouble. The government should try to bring things under control, said young farmer B S Gangadhar of Yanadahalli of Hutturu hobli.
Neither the farmers nor the consumers but only the government will be benefited by this move, said housewife Pushpavathi.  “I have four small children. I need five litres of milk a day. The milk available in the form of packets is like nectar for us. But now I have to cut down the consumption. The poor are really hit very hard,” said Zakir working in a footwear shop.

Even cloth shop owner Rafi Ahmed feels that it is becoming very difficult to make two ends meet as the cloth business is also going down. With the rise in milk prices, it is like adding insult to injury, he said.
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The Nandini milk rates has been increased with effect from April 8, as per the orders of Karnataka Milk Federation, said a release by Komul. The revised rates are as follows:
*  Nandini Toned milk per litre Rs 19.
* Homogenised Milk Rs 22
* Standardised milk Rs 24.
* Whole milk (unskimmed) Rs 26,
* DTM milk Rs 18.
* Curds half kilo Rs 12.
* Masala buttermilk 200 ml Rs 5.
Till the old packing stock is used up the rates  on the packet will remain the same and later the new rates will be displayed.