QI am 18 years old, and my height is 5 ft 8 inches. I am very eager to be 6 ft tall (mean 4 inches to grow). Can you please suggest how can I reach my dream height?

A In order to reach your dream height, you have to be involved in a variety of sports while having a balanced diet.
Try to be as active as possible (seize every opportunity to be part of a sport; walk, run, swim). This will keep your muscles in good condition. It is important that the intensity at which you perform the physical activity is moderate to high. Simultaneously, your daily meals should be wholesome — from 5+ serves of fruits and vegetables, 6+ serves of wholewheat cereals and breads, 2-3 serves of any one of the following protein sources such as lentils, pulses, egg, lean meats (preferably skinless chicken/ fish), reduced fat milk and milk products to 1 serve (1 dessertspoon) of a good quality source of fat (nuts and seeds). I am sure, if you diligently implement the above, within the next year you will be closer to obtaining your dream height.

Parul Dube

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