A wholesome beginning

A wholesome beginning

Eating healthy

A wholesome beginning

Well organised: The food counters at the Cubbon Pavilion.

They say breakfast must be heavy and contain the essential nutrients that a body needs to rejuvenate itself and sustain a day’s chores. The breakfast experience at Cubbon Pavilion at ITC Royal Gardenia does just that, besides all the luxury that comes along.

 The hotel has attempted to rejuvenate pseudo cereals and grains and give them centre stage on its menu. It has in a way transformed the mundane and boring pulses and whole grains into something exciting and exquisite both in taste and form.

The bajra, ragi, kottu, jowar, mustard seed, wheat berry, fenugreek, pumpkin seed, sunflower seeds... are grown in the hotel’s backyard. Buckwheat (kuttu), finger millet (ragi), sorghum (jowar), pearl millet (bajra) are bought from the local market.

The breakfast is split into Western and the Indian menu. The ragi sevaiyan, kuttu upma, bajre ki khichdi... are all mixed with multigrains. “The multigrain dosa that is made from seven different grains is a meal in itself. The chutney and sambhar that come with the dosa are made in typical South Indian style. It’s just that the flavour is varied and it’s a lot less spicy,” Chef Ravideep Singh Dhupia told Metrolife.  

Nourishing: A South Indian breakfast.Ravideep says the flavoured yogurts and the muffin have been added to give a variety to the menu. The citrus infused mango oats is popular. While the Buckwheat, Millets, Sorghum are toasted till crisp; the burger bun is specked with pumpkin seed and made with a percentage of millet flours teamed with rye.

There are a host of counters; among them are the interactive juice counter where you can  generously help yourself to juices and fresh fruits. “The dragon fruit is especially popular with our foreign guests. You don’t get them here. They are brought from Nasik,” says Ravideep. The muffin counter has the morning pastries including blue berry muffin, raspberry and buckwheat muffins... all carefully made with less cream yet keeping the taste intact.  

The hot beverages are mixed with ingredients like buckwheat, pumpkin seed and toasted almond which are high on fibre.