Six-year-old girl commits suicide in US

Six-year-old girl commits suicide in US

After her mother told Samantha Kuberski to go to her room,  the girl crawled into an unused crib, tied one end of a belt around her neck, the other on a bar of the crib, and hanged herself, AOL News reported.

A state medical examiner has classified it as a suicide. Kuberski, who was a first-grader in McMinnville, has become the youngest person in Oregon history to commit suicide.

McMinnville police, who are investigating Samantha’s death on December 2, are, however, not convinced that the girl understood the consequences of her actions and have challenged the classification as suicide.

Clifford Nelson, Oregon’s deputy medical examiner, classified it as suicide based on a variety of factors, including interviews with the grief-stricken family.

Karen Gunson, the chief medical examiner for the state, said that investigators found that the girl’s parents had warned all their children of the dangers of playing with belts around their necks. “Statements were made by the girl that indicated she was going to kill herself,” Gunson said.