Umpiring leaves boxers rattled

Umpiring leaves boxers rattled

Jai, a former national champion representing Haryana Police, lost 1-2 to BSFs Pradeep Kumar on Thursday in a shocking result considering he had been crowned the Commonwealth champion in New Delhi only last month. Jai challenged the decision but the Indian Boxing Federation’s jury upheld the verdict, insisting that after reviewing the video of the bout, they were convinced that the judges’ decision was not wrong.

Jai, however, begged to differ and insisted that he was not given any score despite landing clear punches on his rival.

“I attacked all through and hit him clearly but the judges just didn’t give me any score. What can I say, it is deeply distressing. How it is that a boxer who was just standing there with his guard up could outscore a guy in individual scores, who was attacking all thorough?” the dejected Haryana boxer told PTI.

But the event’s technical delegate BB Ram Mohan said the scoring was fair.
“Once he challenged the bout’s decision, we saw the recording of the bout again and we found the judges didn’t do anything wrong,” he said.

Meanwhile on Friday, protesting ‘poor judging’, Uttar Pradesh boxer Abhishek Shah refused to leave the ring after losing his bout and was allegedly manhandled before being pushed out.

Shah (52kg) had lost to BSF’s E Peris Singh 4-5. Agitated by the reverse, Abhishek refused to leave the ring in protest despite being warned several times by the jury.
Finally, three constables were called in to evacuate him but instead of helping him out of the ring, one of them grabbed the boxer by his neck and pushed him out.