Finding love is indeed a tough job

Women, we were always told, were from Venus. Now we’ve proof of that. Writer-turned-director Milap Zaveri gets his heroine, the toothy, endearing, and fetching Jacqueline Fernandez to fly down to earth from Venus. Many of the film’s most likeable moments send out inoffensive echoes of Hollywood comedies about ladies from another world, like ‘Splash’ and ‘My Girlfriend Is An Alien’. The final brew is aromatic in scent and minty in taste. The effect lasts fleetingly, though. The situations that crop up once the alien beauty lands range from the predictable to the strained.

Everyone in Zaveri’s film is looking for love – Riteish Deskhmukh more so than others. Apparently love has been eluding his character since infancy. The scenes where Riteish courts the girl lack subtlety but get marks for grace. Riteish, a competent performer in any given circumstance, is engaging in the comic moments, but a little awkward doing the full-on roses-and-moonlight stuff.

Ruslaan Mumtaz as his adversary in love is a pleasant surprise, showing a definite growth as an actor. He plays the ‘superstar’ as a stereotype but with a dash of the human quality.
Jacqueline’s is more a presence than a performance. She is that mermaid with wings who flies at an altitude where the desi rom-com is comfortably positioned as a family affair.  
This one is meant to tickle your fancy.

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