Yadgir to be State's 30th district

Yadgir to be State's 30th district

Dream of Gulbarga people will be realised soon

The creation of a new district with Yadgir as district headquarter was announced at the historic Cabinet meeting of the maiden BJP government of Yeddyurappa here in September last year. However, the realisation of new district had to be deferred due to the finalisation of report by the Taluk Reorganisation Committee so that a new district could come into force with its boundaries clearly drawn once for all.

It is likely that the State government may take its own time for the creation of all the 43 taluks at once, due to huge financial implication involved in it. However, in all probability the government may not delay in creating all the six new taluks in Gulbarga district, as recommended by the TRC, with the intention of creating the long pending new Yadgir district. It is generally believed that the people of Gulbarga will realise their long cherished dream of having Yadgir district by August.

Creation of Yadgir district has been pending since three decades as no government in the past exhibited political will for bifurcating the State’s most unwieldy district, due to raging controversy over the new district as people of Shahapur had also rolled up their sleeves to make Shahapur as yet another new district. However, BJP government did not lose any time and seized the first opportunity by making use of the Cabinet meeting to present a befitting gift to the people of Gulbarga. It is nearly nine months since the announcement of creation of new district and any further delay in the actual creation of the district may not bring credit to the powers that be. All necessary ground work has been completed for housing the district-level offices particularly the offices of the DC and SP in Yadgir.

In all probability Yadgir district may have six taluks namely: Yadgir, Surapur, Shahapur, Gurmitkal, Hunasigi, and Yedrami with the last three being new taluks. The parent Gulbarga district may have nine taluks namely Gulbarga City, Aland, Afzalpur, Jewargi, Sedam, Chittapur, Chincholi, Kamalapur, and Kalgi with the last two being new taluks.
The recommendation of the M B Prakash Committee for creation of six new taluks is more or less in tune with the recommendations made by the previous Vasudeva Rao Commission and Hundekar Committee on district reorganisation. The two committees in the past had recommended for creation of Wadagera and Shahabad taluk which have not been positively considered by the Prakash Committee. However, the Prakash Committee has shown some favour to Wadagera and Shahabad by recommending to the government to appoint a special tahsildar in both the towns.