Getting comical isn't cool

Getting comical isn't cool

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Getting comical isn't cool

A walk down the streets of the City will make you bump into men and women in tee shirts. Most of them proudly displaying a comic book symbol. And the question that strikes you almost instantly is whether these people are comic book enthusiasts or just wearing these tee shirts to make a style statement?

When you see rock enthusiasts sporting Def Leppard tees you wonder whether it’s the case same with the graphic comics too?

Metrolife interacted with a cross-section of young people from across the City to gauge their reaction on the same.

While wearing an 'S' (in red) on a blue t-shirt doesn't make you faster any than a bullet train but it sure gives you a high. Comics are a part of your growing up years.

Old television series featuring Superman or Adam West's Batman are what pleasant memories are all about.

So it's no wonder that many try to hold on to some part of that phase through something as simple as the clothes they wear. It's a way of keeping that passion alive and supporting your favourite comic character. But there are others who wear a tee proudly displaying a superman sign, a bat signal or Heath Ledger in the infamous Joker get up for other reasons altogether.

“A very small percentage of the people wearing these t-shirts care about the comics,” says Shrawan, a student.

“I think the superman tees are kinda cool. You don't really have to be a comic book enthusiast to wear one because every one knows who Batman and Superman are,” says Sumukhi, a professional.

While some people wear it because of the ‘cool’ tag associated with it, others go for it simply because it’s a non exclusive commodity.

“Since it's a superman t-shirt you don't really mind someone else wearing it too. But that's not the case if you see another guy wearing the same Rs 1,600 bucks worth of branded shirt that you just bought!” says Vikrant, a professional. Also, sometimes watching someone wearing one makes you want to get one of those for yourself.

But there are people who think that it's important that you at least know a little about the logo that you are wearing. Also, you can express yourself through these tee shirts.
“I am really turned off when I stumble upon someone with a batman logo on their T-shirt . They won’t even have an idea about the dark knight or any of his arch enemies,” says Aneesh, a comic book enthusiast.

“You wear a logo on your clothes to declare that you like something, not because you think, ‘it just looks cool',” he adds.