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Deep devotional compositions
Deep devotional compositions

The Karnataka College of Percussion (KCP) conducts a music festival every year under the direction of T A S Mani and R A Ramamani.

Inaugural concert of this year's (52nd year) festival was performed by Malladi Vasavi, daughter and disciple of Malladi Suri Babu and she has passed the M(Mus) from the Padmavathy University, Thirupathi and is an 'A' grade artiste of AIR. She has won prizes from Narada Gana Sabha, Akashavani and few other organisations.

Vasavi presented exclusively Tallapakam Annamacharya's compositions, tuned by Nedanuri Krishnamurthy. Annamacharya is a senior among the "Tallapakam Composers" and his padas - especially on Tirupathi Venkateswara - is quiet popular all over the South. He is popular as the "Pada Kavita Pitamaha" and his compositions are known for its deep devotion and feeling.

The impressive presentation of Annamacharya's compositions were the most auspicious curtain riser for the KCP festival. Vasavi captured the attention of the listeners right from the first piece "Sakala Shanthi Karamu" in Bahaduri. Purushothamudu Neevu (Revagupthi), Telisithe Mokshamu (Hamsanada), Sharanu Sharanu (Jinjoti), Paluku Tena Talli (Abheri) - were the other compositions rendered pleasingly.

She chose Mohana for the elaboration for the 'Cheri Yashode'. Though alapana and swarawas brief, she brought convincing imagery of the melody easily. Kharaharapriya for "Sadanandamu Sarveshwara", with raga, nerval and swara, acquired a special delight at the improvisational flashes. With equal stress on 'matu' and 'dhatu' and good voice Vasavi sang impressively and made one wonder how she is not heard much on the concert stage of Bengaluru.

Venkatesh Josyer on violin, Sudarshan S on mridanga and Raghavendra Prakash on ghata - fulfilled the needs of the occasion.

Attractive foot work, beautiful abhinaya
Artiste for this month's 'Horizon' series (ICCR and BOB) was Ashim Bandhu Bhattacharjee. He has been trained by Pandit Ramgopal Mishra, Sumitra Mishra, Vijay Shankar and Birju Maharaj.

He is known not only as a senior performer, but also as a teacher and choreographer. He has performed in some of the major festivals in both India and abroad, including USA, Japan, UK, Russia, etc. Some of his well-known choreographic works are: Om Shakti, Shikandini, Pratibimba.

Ashim Bandhu opened his programme with the lyrics on Vivekananda with devotion. He presented Tihayee, Tukuda, Paran, etc, in Teen Thal in vilambith and druth in good speed but with clarity of foot work. After the item on rain (Garaj Barase), Abhisarika Nayika was well portrayed by Ranjanee Bhattacharya with the message "Krishna is in our heart, not outside" in the songs of Vidyapathi in the Mythily language. A happy amalgam of Jaipur and Lucknow gharana in Dammar was developed emotionally with an attractive rhythm and beautiful Abhinaya, admirably. He concluded with his own song "Anand Dwani", evocatively.

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