Place of squalor sans water

Place of squalor sans water

Place of squalor sans water

Ever since he got elected, he claims to be supplying water to his voters through private tankers. “I paid for the tankers from my pocket. I had supplied 16 tankers of water in two days,” said Sampath Raj.

During this season each full-tank water costs Rs 800 and he has spend some Rs 8,000 a day. But how long can he continue paying?

“I will continue supplying water for at least two months, till monsoon arrives and gives some respite,” asserted Sampath Raj. He said he has identified some philanthropists who would help the area get potable water. He has high hopes from the Cauvery pipeline that is coming up in the next two-three months. “Once the Cauvery water flows in, at least 60 per cent of our problem will be solved,” believes Sampath Raj.

Besides water crisis the area battles the choked underground drains. The new corporator accused the former corporator for the choked drains saying that she did not check that the drains were laid three feet below the surface instead of six feet.

The BE degree holder corporator has a PHC and a well-equipped government maternity home high on his agenda. “The status of public health facilities in the ward is pathetic. People are either dependent on private practitioners or the Dr Ambedkar Medical College and Hospital. My wish is to develop a standard maternity home in the area,” said Sampath Raj. Besides it, Sampath Raj also wants the road blocked by the Indian Army in the area be opened.


R Sampath Raj
(Congress Corporator)
Age:  42
Wife:  Maria  Kavitha
Sons:  Sannath & Sammath

How are you going to sort out water crisis in your ward?

It is major problem in our ward. Presently I am supplying water through private water tankers. I haven’t got any support till now from the BWSSB. I hope that the Cauvery water line would reduce water crisis by almost 60 per cent during summer season.

Besides water what else would top your priority list?

Maternity home, a government high school and college, a park or a playground are some of my dreams. I also want to clear the road. Hopefully these projects would get completed by 2015.

City voices

KALANDAR: I supply drinking water to the residents and charge Rs five per pot. I make about Rs 100 to Rs 150 a day.

SASHIDHAR: Our new corporator supplied water in some areas. He has assured us that he would develop our ward.

RAGHU: People wonder whether there could such a backward area in Bangalore as Devarajeevanahalli. Our ward needs attention.