Head teacher reaches school in inebriated state, students take selfies

Head teacher reaches school in inebriated state, students take selfies

The way the students had surrounded their head teacher, who was seated on a chair, in the classroom could give one the impression that the latter must be giving them some lessons.
But it was not so.
In fact, the head teacher was so drunk that he could barely stand or speak and students for whom he had become a laughing stock were busy taking selfies.
The shocking incident occurred at the government primary school at Parsada Nivada village in Uttar Pradesh's Kanpur district, about 100 kilometres from here on Tuesday.
According to the reports the head teacher Pradeep Kumar, who lived in Kanpur town, reached the school in an inebriated state.
Pradeep, the reports said, was found lying on the side of the road leading to the primary school by a lady teacher of the same school. She, with the help of the residents of the village, managed to bring him to the school.
Reports said that the head teacher had brought a pouch of country-made liquor and consumed it inside the classroom before the students.
For the students, it was quite amusing to see their head teacher behaving in a strange manner. Pradeep would laugh and then start crying and the next moment he was on the ground. The students surrounded him and took selfies. Some also prepared videos. Pradeep's brother later arrived there and took him home.  

The matter came to light when the videos went viral on the social networking sites.
Stunned district education officials immediately ordered a probe into the matter. ''We will take stern action against the teacher if the video is found to be true,'' said a senior official of the education department here.
Earlier also there have been instances when teachers reached their schools in an inebriated state.

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