The blooming of the bamboo flowers is a natural process, and the bamboo dies  once the flowers bloom.
Bamboo had bloomed in the forests of Siddapur taluk four to five years ago. Two years back, in Shimoga’s forests, bamboo had bloomed in a big way.
At present, bamboo has bloomed across thousands of hectares in the area near Mundgod’s Bachanaki reservoir, Attiveri and Tadasa. Though it is said that there are 136 varieties of bamboo in the country, two to three varieties are available in Karnataka.
When the bamboo blooms, and the tree dies, the seeds can be collected and re-planted. In fact, the bamboo seeds can also be cooked just the way rice is. The bamboo near Shimoga that flowered and died is yet to be chopped.
There have been no attempts to grow bamboo again in the region. It is important that bamboo is conserved because it plays a major role in maintaining ecological balance.
It serves as principal fodder for elephants. If the bamboo dies, then there is a likelihood of elephants straying into agricultural lands, and therefore the possibility of man-animal conflict.
Krishna Shiroor

Rainwater harvesting in drought-hit Koppal
With summer peaking, there is a severe water crisis across the state. In Koppal district, one of the worst drought-hit areas of the state, the search for drinking water intensifies in the summer months.
But Nagaraj Bellary of Bhagyanagar Layout in Koppal seems to have no worries on that count. For, he has already harvested rain water in a huge tank. Nagaraj works as an employee in a rural bank. At the time of constructing his house, he decided to adopt rainwater harvesting system. He constructed a huge underground tank of 5,000-litre. “From the last five years, we have been using rain water. There is no water scarcity for us,” says Nagaraj.
He has put in place a simple system of  rainwater harvesting. When it rains, water flows to the tank through two plastic pipes. “In a year, we receive rain at least for four to five months, and this we use later,” explains Nagaraj. Nagaraj is the first person to have installed a rainwater harvesting system in Koppal town.
Ananda Teertha Pyati

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