Father, son fined Rs 1 cr for power theft

Holding that Pooran Chand, the industrialist, was a “habitual power thief”, the court also debarred him from getting electricity from any source for three months. He was earlier caught for stealing over 102 KW of electricity.

Besides the prison terms, the the Special Court of Electricity in Dwarka slapped a fine of Rs 45.96 lakh on him. His son Mukesh Lakra, who was a consumer of BSES, was also fined Rs 22.98 lakh.

Apart from the individual fines, a civil liability of Rs 30.64 lakh will be levied on them. Failing to pay the amount will attract a simple imprisonment for another six months, the court said.

According to a release issued by BSES on Thursday, this is the highest punishment ever  awarded in a power theft case in Delhi. Chand owns a Plastic Bicycle Wheels manufacturing unit in West Delhi.

The duo were caught during a raid carried out by BSES Enforcement team in December 2006 when it unearthed power theft of over 102 KW at the plastic factory.

The power theft was made for industrial purposes by directly tapping a nearby BSES LV Main with help of a PVC Copper Wire, the BSES said.

Investigations also revealed that the site was used and occupied by Pooran Chand Lakra while Mukesh Lakra was the registered consumer. The Discom had earlier imposed a fine of Rs 38 lakh on the duo who did not pay the penalty. BSES filed a case in the Special Court in 2007.

During the trial, the accused tried to question the basis of the evidence presented by BSES, the Discom claimed.

BSES, however, produced video footage and other witnesses in the court to prove its case.

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