Mixing academics with reality

Mixing academics with reality

Mixing academics with reality

The Oxford College of Business Management held its national-level festival Manojavam last week. Though the two-day festival was based on academics, it was quite enjoyable because of the effort put in by the students as well as the teachers. 

    The theme of the event was Harnessing talents for competence building.
Students competed in various events like Best Manager, HR, systems and marketing.
The Best Manager had various rounds to test the aptitude as well as mental strength of the candidates.

 Students competed in the treasure hunt to prove their physical strength. There was also a stress interview to choose the best manager.  
The events went on for two days. The preliminary rounds took place on the first day of the festival.

The HR event had some innovative rounds like situational play, where the participants had to act out an official situation.

“The experience was quite nice and I am looking forward for the finals,” said Koman from ICFAI. Finance round had the student teams preparing financial plans for retired people.
“I really enjoyed everything. But I wish there were more things to do because I had a
lot of idle time after the event,” said Kaushal, a student.
But the spotlight of the first day was the panel discussion on the topic, Bridging the gap between corporate and academia.

Pavan Soni started the discussion with an interesting presentation on innovation, where he spoke about solving problems through initiative. The business quiz, hosted by Rahul Kapoor, was highly enjoyable.

Rahul kept the four teams Pala, Shalya, Ganga and Harsha on their toes with rapid questions while the jokes kept the audience entertained.

The students in the audience also competed against each other on questions that the participating teams couldn’t answer.

In the crossword round, the teams had to guess a phrase. The event saw Pala from
Amity College beating the rest.

“Our favourite round was Phrase the Paragraph Round because we won a lot of points in that,” said Rohit and Alwin from Pala.

The quiz came to an end with the teachers walking the ramp.
The teachers were also given a standing ovation for the work they had put in.
The MCA Department of the institution also conducted its festival Magnetics on the next two days.

The events for the first day were Mad Ad, IT Buzz and gaming competitions like FIFA and NFS. Flip Flop saw students speaking for as well as against a topic on a very short notice.
There were also talks on topics like image intelligence and brain function, which caught the attention of the students and the professors. On the whole, the event was highly enjoyed by everyone who participated.