Rakshita on small screen

Rakshita on small screen

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Rakshita on small screen

After a long gap of three-and-half years, actress Rakshita is all set to face the camera once again. This time, it is not for a film but for a reality show on small screen. Suvarna Channel has roped in the actress to host its new reality show titled Swayamvara, where she will act as a facilitator to the brides in choosing the groom of their choice.

Apparently thrilled about her comeback, Rakshita says that this opportunity has come with great responsibility and she does not consider the task easy in anyway. “I am quite anxious to host the show, which will take us back to the old Indian tradition where princes from different kingdoms queued up to get chosen by the princess. This show virtually tries to recreate such environment for ordinary girls,” she avers.

The show will be aired from Monday to Friday at 8 pm and will bring together compatible people on screen who are looking for apt life partners. Every week, one girl will have a chance to select her groom out of the five contestants, who are shortlisted by the channel, according to the girl’s liking.

“We have already started airing the promos of the programme. It has created a flutter among the audience. Many aspiring brides and grooms have shown interest to participate in the show,” says Raghavendra Hunsur, who heads the non-fiction section of the channel.

How is this show different from other reality shows relating to marriage?
“This show is not just for normal people. It will help people who cannot afford marriage, those who are handicapped, orphans and widows. Unlike other shows, we don’t neglect parents here. We will sit with both the parties to understand their priorities. I know marriage is not a game; it is the biggest decision of our life. So I will do my best to make it a credible platform,” adds Rakshita.

Does she have any doubts regarding her role? “No. I agreed to do this show after clarifying everything. I am certain about my duties and responsibilities. As long as I am there in the show as a mentor, I won’t allow any injustice to happen to any of the contestants. If any contestant wants to withdraw from the show, he can walk away at any point of time,” she promises.

The channel has plans to air the ‘background-check’ episodes on weekends to reveal the background details of the candidates and what they are in real life. If any differences of opinion arise between the families, Rakshita will guide them to arrive at a common decision.

The show brings together compatible brides and bridegrooms and the candidates are free to decide about their marriage.