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daring The contestants of the show. Old game with modern twist

Wipeout Australia premieres on April 14 at 10 pm on AXN. Remember the zany Japanese game shows of the 1980s?

This all-new game show puts a modern twist on the Japanese game show format, with a touch of Fear Factor gruesomeness. Each week, contestants go through obstacle courses in a bid to win the US$50,000 prize money.

Imagine having to eat a disgustingly large lunch and other foods, Fear Factor style, before having to execute crazy stunts such as fighting with giant boxing gloves, or running on giant floating rubber balls.

Wipeout... is designed to literally wipe out the contestants. Find out who will be the last man standing in this exciting reality TV series!

Secret knowledge

Animal Planet presents Austin Stevens — Most Dangerous on April 14 at 9 pm. Austin Stevens is the planet’s most passionate and energetic wildlife and wilderness expert. But in far-flung corners of the globe, hidden tribes possess secret knowledge that will alter the way Austin experiences the natural world forever.

Austin has heard strange stories of surfing hippos in a remote West African archipelago, monastery-loving wolves in central Brazil, spirit sharks in the Solomon Seas, and high voltage fish in the heart of the Amazon. He is determined to experience each of them himself, however hazardous the journey may be.

Going against policy

Watch LA Ink on April 14 at 10 pm on Discovery Travel and Living. This season of LA Ink sees Kat facing the challenges of replacing her top artists and keeping the peace while running a business.

She is also forced to go against her policy of only hiring people she knows. Can Kat keep the old guard and new additions happy?

In this episode, Kat reveals how a doctor’s visit changed her life forever and Aubry attempts to win over the crew.