'Our music is quirky and fresh'

'Our music is quirky and fresh'
After having performed in over 300 concerts across the globe, Bengaluru-based electro-pop and retro band ‘Best Kept Secret’ needs no introduction. Comprising of Behram Siganporia, Hemanth Diwakaran and Abhilash — Jonathan Wesley, the pianist, has moved on — the band commands a large fan following for their energetic performances and eye-catching members (we are being honest here!).

The band recently released their newest audio track ‘Moving On’ at Hard Rock Cafe, which has already gone viral, and spoke to Rajitha Menon about life as musicians.

Describe your music?

Behram: Our music is quirky, young and fresh. Although our genre can broadly be classified as ‘pop’, we are influenced by various sounds and genres such as rock, blues, funk and disco.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Hemanth: Inspiration can come from anywhere. For instance, every time Behram dates a girl or breaks up with a girl he tends to write something new (laughs).

On a serious note, we like to write about real-life experiences. We are also inspired by artistes like ‘Coldplay’, ‘U2’ and many of the classic rock acts from the 70s and 80s.

Tell us a bit about your new song.

Abhilash: Our new song is called ‘Moving On’. Some time ago, Behram broke up with his girlfriend. He stayed up all night writing this song and then went to the studio first thing in the morning and called our producer Ashish to listen to what he wrote. Behram’s song-writing partner George Sebastien added the lyrics. It was initially written as an alternative rock song but it transformed into a pop song later.

What is the story behind your name?

Behram: ‘Best Kept Secret’ was earlier known as ‘One Nite Stand’. As we gained popularity and went international, we were informed that the copyright of ‘One Nite Stand’ belonged to a DJ in Australia. We asked our friends for suggestions and selected ‘Best Kept Secret’ from the thousands we received.

The best part about being famous?

Hemanth: I don’t think we are really famous. But the best part about being almost famous is the luxuries we are offered in terms of hospitality, gifts, food etc. After working hard for the last 4-5 years, it feels great to be respected for the work we do.

The worst part?

Abhilash: I think Behram often gets linked to various girls, especially actors and super models. It’s probably because he’s dated so many girls (laughs).

Behram: The worst part is that I can’t seem to have a steady girlfriend with this rock n’ roll life.

Challenges you have faced?

Behram: Being an English band in a country like India is a real challenge. The fact that every second person claims to be a DJ doesn’t help either. Loyalties and money mostly goes to Bollywood singers as the industry is so big.
Most memorable moment in your career so far?

Behram: For me personally, it was when our song played on the radio for the first time and at the same time the song played on TV. This was surreal. Also, I was excited to be appointed as the brand ambassador of Hard Rock Cafe.

Hemanth: For me, the most memorable moment would be opening for ‘Puddle of Mudd’ and ‘Hoobastank’. I’ve listened to both these bands right through my college days.

Abhilash: For me, it would be the first public show of the band. That was the moment our careers began. 

What do you do in your free time?

Abhilash: If we are not performing, we are recording, jamming, writing new material, doing photo-shoots or traveling.

So we get very little time off. In my free time, I go on long bike rides with my buddies. Hemanth likes to spend time with his wife and his one-year-old baby girl.

Hemanth: We don’t think Behram gets any free time.He is either modelling for some brand or shooting a TV ad or flying planes or out on a date with someone.

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