A momentous moment for the students of CKP

A momentous moment for the students of CKP

amazing Poornima and Pallavi’s public intervention piece.

It may have been their final turn to display their creativity as students of Chitrakala Parishat, but as aspiring artists they have already gotten their canvas laid out for them.
As part of tradition, Chitrakala Parishat organised Drushyotsava-2010, an annual art show by the final year postgraduate students from the college.

The day was momentous for many, with proud parents admiring the work of their children, teachers encouraging students to stand by their work and explain them to the chief guest of the evening, Prabhudeva, the vice-chancellor of Bangalore University.
Enthusiasm filled the air with students, dressed in traditional attire, getting their photographs clicked along with their work.

It was really touching for the seniors to see their juniors taking it upon themselves to capture every moment with their cameras. Few students had even got their close friends from other colleges to come and see their work.  

Taking up a subject like fine arts and pursuing a career in it was not an easy decision for many.

“It is not an easy career choice but it is liberating. I am so glad I took up this course as I have seen myself grow as a human being. And gradually along the way, people have learnt to accept this stream as a career choice,” says Sharmishta, one of the students.
As a batch, the students described themselves as the most enthusiastic bunch, who were always out on the streets discovering new ways to express themselves.

“We were divided into many batches but in our own way we bonded over the years and at times even sat in each other’s classes if a lecture did interest us,” says Poornima, another student.

There were a lot of students who had been in the institution for seven years straight but there were also those who had joined the batch just for the post-graduation course.
“It was a new environment for me but the interesting combination of courses was what really made me come here. After coming here I have made some great friends and even learnt so much more,” says Sandhyarani, a student.   

 From a variety of themes like huge rockets, a thinking head, growing into an adult, to interpreting different cultures, there was a lot of personality in each creation.

One such work was the public intervention activity conducted by two students, Poornima and Pallavi. The girls apparently went around the City with strips of cloth and a paint brush asking people to write their interpretation of the City.

“What’s interesting about this work is that it does not stop with this show. We have decided to carry it forward till the time we can. The same way our association with the college will not end here, that too, is a life-long association,” says Poornima.

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