Tryst with theatre

Tryst with theatre

Tryst with theatre

different Konkona Sen dh photo by kishor kumar bolar

But now, Konkona seems to have come  full circle with her role in Atul Kumar’s Blue Mug, a play about memories and what we make of them.

“I was a regular on stage during school and college. I played various roles and loved every bit of it. But yes, this is my first big theatre production,” says Konkona, who was in the City to stage the play.

While the rest of the cast play themselves, Konkona and Ranvir play the roles of a doctor and a patient respectively. It was the interesting script and the cast that pursued Konkona to take up the project but what took her so long to get back on the stage was her prior commitment to films.

“When you want to do something, you will always find time for it. If I’m offered a film and I accept it, it’s a commitment that I have to keep. So, when I agree to do a play, I have to find the time for it,” she says.

The all-India tour of the play has definitely taken a toll on the actress who simply refused to speak more than a sentence in reply to any question.

But then ask her about her mother Aparna Sen’s film The Japanese Wife and her eyes light up. “It’s a wonderful movie and a must watch. All the actors have done such a good job,” she says.

Did she ever wish to be part of it? “It would have been nice. But Raima has done an excellent job and I am sure there are better roles in store for me,” she says. “In fact, my next film is Iti Mrinalini, which is also by mom. It’s about the life of an actress and both of us will be in it.”

As for the future, Konkona has a variety of roles in store like Mirch, Titli and a comedy called Sunglass.