'Comic roles can be challenging'

'Comic roles can be challenging'
Model-turned-actor Ekta Rathod has been making her presence felt in Sandalwood with movies like ‘Masterpiece’ and ‘Siliconn City’. The fashionista, who is awaiting the release of ‘BMW’, believes that there is a lot more to explore and learn. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, Ekta talks about her career in movies.

After ‘Siliconn City’, how has Sandalwood treated you?

The film industry, the people working in it and the audience have been very accepting. I got encouraging feedback from people about my performance in ‘Siliconn City’. They lauded me for my portrayal of the character that was responsible for the twist in the story.

So what’s new at your end now?

I am going with the flow. There are a few projects lined up for discussion, both in Kannada and Telugu. At the moment, I’m excited that ‘BMW’ will be releasing soon.

Tell us about ‘BMW’.

The film is going through some final touches. The movie has an entertaining storyline which revolves around fun times that one has in college. It is a true representation of what usually happens during one’s graduation days. Chikkanna will also be seen in the movie and I am cast opposite Praveen Tej.

What made you accept the movie?

I was sure that this movie would be a lot of fun to do. I was able to relive my college days on the sets again. I probably didn’t enjoy college in real life as much as I did while I was working on the movie. I enjoyed playing the role of a girl who is very stylish and is wooed by all.

A role that you want to play...

I’d like to do serious roles. I have been a part of romantic movies and comedies. Comic roles can be challenging since one needs to have good timing, but I enjoy that. And I would like to explore anything which is equally challenging or more.

Sandalwood has opened up to many genres. What kind of themes would you like to be seen in?

The industry has opened up to a lot of subjects. I would like to be a part of movies where the male and female leads are given equal importance and screen space. It is still a male actor who pulls the crowd into theatres. I would like to see a change in this regard in the industry.

What are the qualities one needs to have to be a successful actor?

An actor needs to be focussed, dedicated and punctual all the time.

What can convince you to take up a movie?

It could be the story or the character that I might be playing. A movie catches my attention only when it is unique and connects to the audience in its own way.
What would Ekta be incomplete without?

I would be nothing without my confidence. My approach to life is what keeps me going strong and steady.

Your philosophy in life...

Impossible says I am possible!
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