'I would have been an actor'

'I would have been an actor'
Samprukt Mohanty aka DJ Fake Tattoos thinks that any stage is a perfect platform to explore music.

The unique stage name comes from an experience where a member of the audience appreciated his fake tattoos. This coincided with a time when his interest in music was growing. The artiste now performs at many gigs and also releases tracks as a producer.

In a candid conversation with Tini Sara Anien, he talks about his work and the world of electronic music.

How did your interest in music come about?

I was into rock music during 2010 and then gradually moved to electronic music in 2012. It was a new genre that was fresh and exciting to try. Electronic music has a positive vibe.

When did your first gig happen? Has your music transformed since then?

In 2014 at Opus, I was opening for another performance. I was playing house initially but I moved on to deep house, dubstep, trap, dance rock and alternative rock. One needs a style and I am focussed on alternative dance and house music.

Your biggest inspirations...

‘deadmau5’ and ‘Justice’ are definite inspirations. I am a big fan of ‘Daft Punk’ and ‘Nucleya’ too.

Any tracks you have worked on recently...

I recently worked on a track called ‘Youth, which is made from the title track of the movie. My friend sang the chorus and I blended electronic music into it. The video has people talking about youth and what they are passionate about. There is no particular reason why I chose the track. I just feel that it is something everyone will be able to relate to.

How important is electronic music today?

It is one of the most commercial genres today and is played everywhere. Every person seems to be aware of electronic music. There’s a lot of business in the genre. RnB and hiphop are also coming back and there is a trend of collaborations between artistes to create different music. It’s all about genre-bending now.

Challenges you face as a DJ?

In club gigs one has to keep the energy level high. At music festivals or outdoor events, one can focus on their music, while at clubs one has to cater to people who are there and ensure they have fun. Introducing a club audience to different music can be challenging and a balancing act.

Some things you focus on when at a gig...

Apart from checking on all the equipment, as an artiste I tell myself that even if I’m not in a great mood myself, I will play music that will keep the audience happy. An artiste should always be positive.

If not a DJ...

I am a graphic designer otherwise. But if not into music, I would have been an actor.

What do you feel about originals versus remixes?

I’m very open about music. Anything that helps in the growth of the musical community is fine for me.

The last track you heard...

‘Shelter’ by Porter Robinson and Madeon.
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