On my pinboard - Danish Sait, actor and comedian

On my pinboard - Danish Sait, actor and comedian
Bengaluru-based actor, radio host and emcee, Danish Sait has always been the talk of the town. With over 32 million plays on SoundCloud, his prank calls have won him a lot of fans.

Also a social media celebrity, he is wearing a new hat now — that of an actor. In his upcoming film ‘Humble Politician Nograj’, Danish plays the character of ‘Nograj’, a narcissistic crazy politician who exploits a city and its resources.

Danish still continues to entertain his fans with prank calls by enacting his eight alter-ego characters.

He has also hosted ‘The Pro Kabaddi League’, ‘The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015’ and ‘The RCB Insider Series’.


'Rice and dal'

"I'm quite easy going when it comes to food. Hand me a plate of 'rice, dal and chicken curry' and I am a happy soul. I eat out only when I am travelling but I prefer to eat home cooked food as often as I can. This particular recipe is passed on from my grandmother to my mother and now down to my domestic help. Though she doesn't make it the way my mother does, it's still a dish that is very close to my heart. Sadly the recipe hasn't passed down to me as I cannot cook. I hope to pick up that skill very soon though."


New York

"There's something about New York City that is just a cut above the rest of the world. There is so much character to the city — from the people to the architecture. My imagination goes crazy whenever I am there. I've noticed that there are two kinds of people there — tourists and New Yorkers. You'll always find the tourists looking up and walking, but a New Yorker will mostly be looking at the ground and walking. In my few years of my visits there, I'm happy to say that I can enjoy the city thoroughly by looking down and walking."


'F?@k Knows' by Shailendra Singh

"I'm not much of a reader but this is one book that changed my life. It helped me get better when I was depressed and it showed to me the importance of the past, present and future. I like reading books that give me perspective rather than just read for the sake of it. I would rather watch a movie if I wanted to know a story."


Coach Carter

"Everything this movie talks about is on point. It's also special to me since I hold a special place in my heart for teachers. 'Coach Carter' is a film that brought people from backgrounds to come together and have one aim. It showed how this goal is bigger than any individual. I loved everything about this movie. It's been a while since I watched a film in the theatre. I usually catch up on something on Netflix."



"I have an odd way of having favourites when it comes to music. It completely depends on my mood. Right now, I enjoy Nucleya's work as he is working with me on my movie 'Humble Politician Nograj'. I haven't updated the music on my phone for a long time. But I am someone who will randomly find one song interesting and I will listen to it till I cannot take it anymore. I had a Frank Sinatra phase, followed by Bob Dylan and even to A R Rahman. But at the same time, I will also enjoy songs like 'Jimmiki Kamal'."

Yasmin Sait

"My mother is a know-it-all and do-it-all kind of woman. There isn't anything that she cannot do. She knows how to fix a car and at the same time know what is going on in the other end of the world. She has a worldly knowledge and has an opinion about everything (in the nicest way possible). But at the same time, she is innocent. Though she will know why an iPhone is better than an Andriod phone, she will not be able to take a perfect selfie. I aspire to be like each other and hope I will one day."

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