Woman teacher on trial for having sex with pupil

Twentyfive-year-old Hannah McIntyre invited three boys to her flat in the Waterloo area of Liverpool in January 2008, Daily Mail reported Tuesday.

She was alone and let them in. She later agreed to buy cider, a beverage, for them.
When the teacher was buying cider, a boy dared the 16-year-old student to kiss McIntyre for 20 pounds. However, when the boy didn't carry out the challenge, his friend dared the teacher to kiss him. The kiss was described as "being quite passionate".
Later, two of the boys slept in the living room while the 16-year-old got into a bed with McIntyre and they had sex, the court was told.
The boys left the following morning.

McIntyre told her school head that the boys had stayed at her house and they were questioned by staff. They said they watched television and denied drinking alcohol or entering McIntyre's bedroom, the media report said.
Many months later the 16-year-old told his mother what had happened.
McIntyre was arrested and suspended from work.

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