Natural ways to boost your metabolism

Natural ways to boost your metabolism

A high rate of metabolism makes you feel healthy and refreshed and is a sure shot way to shed those extra kilos. People with slow metabolism tend to be lethargic, inactive or overweight, while those with higher metabolism are active and slim.

Here are a few natural ways to boost your metabolism and steer clear of obesity and related disorders:

Caffeine: Studies have shown that coffee increases the metabolic rate by greater oxidation of fat. Metabolic rate increases significantly three hours after the consumption of caffeine.

Breakfast: Never skip the first meal of the day. People who eat breakfast within two hours of their wake-up time have higher metabolic rate.

Protein intake: Protein in the diet builds immunity and muscle mass, which in turn increases metabolism.

Drink up: Water increases our metabolism and makes us feel full. Drinking water half an hour before our meals will stop us from overeating.

Exercise: A high-intensity workout increases metabolism better than slow workouts. Hitting the gym, running or playing a sport are ideal.

Sleep: Research shows that people who sleep less are overweight and have slow metabolic rate than people who manage to get enough sleep.

Green tea: Green tea has catechins that increase metabolism in the long term. Consuming two cups of green tea a day will show instant results.

Mustard: Adding mustard seeds in your meal aids fat burn. Eating a teaspoon of mustard can boost your metabolism by up to 25% after eating.

Ginger: This wonder spice is used in many fat burning supplements. It has a high thermogenic effect that promotes metabolism and burns more calories.

(The author is a senior dietician, Paras Hospitals)

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