'Dance knows no gender'

'Dance knows no gender'

It is said that dance knows no language. No wonder then that three Thailand-based artistes won the hearts of all and sundry in the city with their moves.

Ratchasak Wongngern aka G1, Ekaraj Chonlakit aka Nikki TheZoo and La-Ongyot Wongngern aka Gonza were the judges at the recently held ‚BBoy World Championship‘, presented by Dance League at Phoenix MarketCity.

Having picked up numerous titles and awards on their journey so far, the three spoke to Rajitha Menon about their passion for dance and their thoughts about India.

Why did you start dancing?

Gonza: My brother used to dance. I started with him and then he uploaded our first video on the internet. I loved the reactions to it and then started dancing properly. Now I am competing with myself and also want to showcase the talent available in this field.

Requirements of a good dancer?

G1: The basic elements like power moves and deft footwork has to be there of course. But ultimately you need to have your own style. The most important attribute is confidence.

Thoughts just before going on stage?

Nikki: I don‘t think before going on stage because it is more about you giving something to the people and doesn‘t matter if it is good or not. It is about showing who you are. 

How was the experience of judging the competition?

G1: The venue was great and we saw bboys from all over the country. They had some good moves, totally unlike what we would expect from beginners. It felt really good to see them.

What more should be done to promote this art form globally?

G1: I feel bboys need idols - people who can go out and place the art form on the global map. That‘s why I am glad to be associated with such an event. Indian representation at the world finals will lead to people knowing more about this country and the dance scene here. Fame will lead to improved marketing of this style.

How does one become a good dancer?

Nikki: A dancer needs to lead a life dedicated to dance. One also needs to study the culture of the style that they are dancing to as well as the music. Different music leads to different movements.

If you could clear a misconception about male dancers...

Nikki: I would like people to know that dance knows no gender, it’s for everybody.

Thoughts about India?

Gonza: India is a great country. There is a lot of flavour here. Also the people here are really serious about the arts. An ancient artistic tradition has caused people to take interest in and support newer forms too, like hiphop. The foundation for hiphop is growing fast here.

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