Engg college directed to refund fees

Engg college directed to refund fees

The forum has directed the Institution in Chikkaballapur to pay the student, Ankita G Gala, Rs 1,29,600, within one month from the date of the judgement. The amount includes a yearly interest of six per cent calculated from August 21, 2008.

Ankita, a resident of Bangalore, had obtained the seat through Comed-K under the payment quota for Computer Science.  As she could not find hostel facilities, Ankita was forced to travel between Bangalore and Chikkaballapur during the first year.

Ankita, therefore, sought a transfer to Mahaveer Jain Engineering College in Bangalore, and paid Rs 1.28 lakh after obtaining a seat.

However, when the student applied for a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the S C Engineering College, the college argued that NOC would be given only after the payment of Rs 1,29,600 towards the second year fees.

Ankita paid the fees and received the NOC, but filed a case with the Consumer Affairs Forum.

The forum, comprising President G Hegde and members T Nagaraja and K G Shantala, observed that the student had ended up paying the fees to both colleges and therefore ruled that S C Engineering College should return the fees paid by the student.