Chandigarh court frames abduction, stalking charges against Vikas Barala

Chandigarh court frames abduction, stalking charges against Vikas Barala
A local court in Chandigarh today framed charges of abduction, wrongful restraint among other against Vikas Barala, the son of Haryana BJP state president Subash Barala in the infamous DJ Varnika Kundu stalking case.

The framing of charges against 23-year old law graduate Vikas and his accomplice friend would mean that the two accused will now face the process of the trail before the court. The case will come up for hearing on October 27.

DJ Varnika Kundu was stalked, harassed before an attempt was made by the two accused to abduct her in the middle of the night a few months ago while Varnika was returning home after work.

Varnika is the daughter of a senior IAS officer posted in Haryana. Despite all the hue and cry amid a national outrage over the incident, Barala’s post as party chief remains intact with the entire state saffron party throwing its weight behind Subash Barala. Varnik Kundu on Friday said she had faith in the system and the framing of abduction charges against the two accused only vindicates her stand. There were attempts to shame Varnika on the social media and many even rubbished her abduction narrative. The Chandigarh police for days did not deem it fit to book the two accused under charges of abduction. The cops eventually succumbed under pressure of jurisprudence, public and media outrage and added abduction charges in the FIR against Barala and his friend. The two accused are in judicial custody. Their bail plea has been rejected by the Court.

Vikas and his friend chased Varnika on the streets of Chandigarh in an inebriated state. They attempted to stop the car which Varnika was steering. At one point the accused brought their car in front of Varnika’s car. One of the accused got down and attempted to barge inside Varnika’s car while trying to unsuccessfully open the doors. The police were initially quick to respond but got onto the back foot after knowing that the accused Vikas Barala was the son of the Haryana BJP president.

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