Manmohan warns of A Q Khan network

Manmohan warns of A Q Khan network

PM unveils global centre for nuclear energy partnership

Manmohan warns of A Q Khan network

“I am happy to announce on this occasion that we have decided to set up a Global Centre for Nuclear Energy Partnership in India,” Manmohan Singh told 46 world leaders gathered for the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington DC. The announcement elicited much cheer from world leaders, with US President Barack Obama promptly hailing India’s initiative for nuclear safety.

“We welcome the announcement of the setting up of the Centre for Nuclear Energy Partnership by India,” Obama said in a statement. “This will be one more tool to establish best practices,” he added.

The Centre, fleshed out by India’s Department of Atomic Energy, will consist of four schools dealing with Advanced Nuclear Energy System Studies, Nuclear Security, Radiation Safety, and the Application of Radioisotopes and Radiation Technology in the areas of healthcare, agriculture and food. It will conduct research and development of design systems that are intrinsically safe, secure, proliferation resistant and sustainable.

“We would welcome participation in this venture by your countries, the IAEA and the world to make this Centre’s work a success,” said Manmohan Singh. Highlighting India’s impeccable record as a responsible nuclear power and a slew of steps taken by New Delhi to ensure nuclear non-proliferation, Manmohan Singh exhorted the world to jointly combat the perils of nuclear terrorism.

Without naming Pakistan’s A Q Khan operation, which proliferated sensitive nuclear technology to renegade states like North Korea, Iran and Libya, Singh said: “Clandestine proliferation networks have flourished and led to insecurity for all... especially for India.”

He asked the world leaders to learn from past mistakes and to institute effective measures to prevent their recurrence. “The danger of nuclear explosives or fissile material and technical know-how falling into the hands of non-state actors continues to haunt our world,” he said.