SJCC-Swansea tie up to offer two degrees

SJCC-Swansea tie up to offer two degrees

SJCC-Swansea tie up to offer two degrees

With the intention of providing global education for its students, the St Joseph’s College of Commerce (Autonomous) has tied up with the Swansea University, UK to offer an international graduate programme.

The four-year programme will offer students an opportunity to pursue one year at St Joseph’s College of Commerce (SJCC) in India and three years at the Swansea University in the United Kingdom.

Apart from the regular papers taught during the first two semesters of Business Management, students who opt for the international graduate programme will also be taught Management Accountancy, ICT Skills, Marketing Management and Qualitative Methods during their first year at St Joseph’s. This is expected to help them get a better understanding in order to chose their specialisation for the next three years.

At Swansea University, students can choose from nine different BA/BSc (Honours) for their Bachelor’s degree. Among the nine options are: Business Management; Business Management (Accounting) — which are BA Single Honours; Accounting and Finance; Business Management; Business Management (Accounting); Business Management (Finance) Business Management (Information Systems); Business Management (Marketing)— BSc Single Honours; and Business Management and Economics, which is BSc Joint Honours.

After the completion of three years, including one year at St Joseph’s, students will be awarded a Bachelor’s degree from Swansea University. The fourth year is optional and students who choose to continue the fourth year will be awarded a Master’s degree, thereby giving them an opportunity to obtain two degrees in just four years.

The tie-up between SJCC and Swansea will bring down the cost of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree from a foreign university. While the tuition fees for the second and third year at Swansea University will be 7,000 pounds (Rs 5 lakh approximately) each, the first year’s fee structure is expected to be a lot lesser.

To apply

Students can get the application from St Joseph’s College of Commerce or download it from, and register for the International Programme. Last date to register is April 23, 2010. A written test will be held on April 26, followed by personal interviews at St Joseph’s College of Commerce, Bangalore.

There will be presentation about the course on Saturday at 4 pm at SJCC, Brigade Road, Bangalore.