Four firemen injured during rescue operations

Four firemen injured during rescue operations
The building collapse at Eijipura left four firemen who were trying to rescue the inmates of the apartments injured.

They were injured when a beam from the ceiling fell down as they were trying to help a pregnant woman who was trapped under the debris.

“We were trying to rescue those who were alive in the building. That is when a beam from the ceiling fell down and injured us,” said Ramakrishna K, assistant fire officer.

“There were seven people already dead when we reached the place and five were trapped under piles of brick and dust,” he added.

According to Dr Thomas Chandy of Hosmat Hospital, Ramakrishna has broken his spine which will take around two months to heal. The others received minor injuries on their shoulders and bones. Dr Chandy said Ramakrishna can only resume work after four months while the other firemen can get back into action in a few weeks’ time.

“Some of the bodies were taken to Bowring and Victoria Hospital,” said, Suban Khan, who is one of the firemen who was part of the rescue team with a minor muscle injury on his shoulder.

The policeman said the firemen reached the spot where the building had collapsed by around 9 in the morning.

Chitra, a 42-year-old resident of the building who was injured said, “The gas cylinder exploded around 7 in the morning. The building collapsed after that. I do not know where my husband and children are.”

She said that she was taken to St Philomena’s Hospital. Her children, a 10-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy, are safe.

“Our skin was partly burnt after the gas cylinder explosion, but the building collapse resulted in more injuries. Most of us were under a pile of bricks,” she added.

According to the police officers, a three-year-old baby was injured and two others with burn injuries were sent to the burns ward at St John’s Hospital.
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