The raw beauty of concrete accents

The raw beauty of concrete accents

The use of concrete, as a material, started in the 19th century. Due to its inexpensive nature, concrete was extensively used in various cities. Since then we have had a very strong and enduring relationship with concrete. The notion that has been firmly etched in our minds is that concrete is used primarily as a background material, which requires finishing to get the desired outlook.

Seductive appeal

But today, we have started celebrating the aesthetic appeal of this material with the use of bare concrete in home interiors. One of the ways to decorate your home with is with the absence of a covering of the wall. The method of using concrete as a design element, together with quality wood and elegant furniture is definitely eye-catching. And illumination further enhances its appeal. Concrete is one of those materials which is tender, robust, expressive and beautiful at the same time.

As concrete is very natural in its appearance, it has a very seductive appeal. This makes the design look uncluttered and elegant at all times. There is an ease of maintenance which adds to an easy lifestyle. It is this feature that has precipitated the expansive use of concrete.

Other advantages of concrete are that is raw, flexible and tough and beautiful. It has a timeless appeal and its grey colour is an all-time trend. This has influenced us to use concrete accents in the interiors of our projects, despite the misconception that concrete walls are sterile and cold.

In fact, concrete has the tendency to keep the room cool in summer and warm in winter. Its tangible qualities make it a very smart material to the touch and feel.

Contemporary & rugged

The modern designs that incorporate crafted concrete accent walls impart a raw look and wow factor in the interiors. So, if you are aiming for a very contemporary and rugged look, this is absolutely a wonderful option. Its naturally imperfect textures along with the use of exposed metal makes a home look industrial too.

In the lighting segment, pendant lights are in vogue. They are not easy to place as their stony look demands the right background for maximum effect. Again, concrete decors are not easy as the weight of concrete has forced strong limitations on the design implementation. With advanced technologies, this is upgraded with lightweight concrete panels which are available in the market. These panels could be used as wall cladding and ceiling too. Having metallic colours on concrete texture is another popular look.

The custom of having concrete furniture like a centre table in the living area gives a sophisticated element in the house. The concrete furniture allows a lot of indoor gardening with no additional investment. It can very well replace the wooden or metal furniture which is normally used on the patio. The concrete flooring can be made with the customised pattern. This doesn’t require special attention with respect to climatic changes.

The raw concrete wall which can be made as a feature wall or as the only finish in the room will give the space its unique identity and aspect. With its modern and earthy looks, it is growing in popularity. Being extremely flexible, it also suits the language of designers.

So, go on and give concrete a chance and see the way your humble abode transforms overnight!

(The author is founder, CEO, Noah Interiors)

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