CIA retires bomb squad trainee dog because she lost interest

CIA retires bomb squad trainee dog because she lost interest

The CIA, America's prime federal investigative agency, is pretty famous for their bomb squads and the organisation takes personal pride in the fact.

They employ some of the bravest men and women, and alongside them, are some of the most well-trained dogs one can ever come across, with a nose for sniffing out bombs from any nook and cranny an unscrupulous individual might be inclined to hide.

However, not everything need go according to plan, such as in this case, where the agency has been forced to retire one of its sniffers-in-training, and for one peculiar reason: She lost interest in the job. How...human.

Meet Lulu, a black Labrador. One of many young pups taken in by the CIA for their K-9 division, Lulu was trained as any of the ones with her, or the ones who came before her. However, sometime during her training, Lulu began losing interest in the training, but once Lulu's desire to train fell off the wall and broke, all the motivation, treats and belly rubs could not put it together again, and the CIA was forced to let go of her.

Well, to be fair, if I were a dog, and my job involved sniffing shady looking canisters, I'd probably lose interest too.

Apparently, the situation over at K-9 is so weird that the people there become impromptu doggo psychologists. A killer job for any dog whisperer, it surely is, the risk of dismemberment and death notwithstanding.

Lulu's puppy-dog eyes were evidently too cute for the CIA to ignore. Good effect on target is probably the perfect phrase for this particular situation.

Thankfully, many stories have happy endings, and for a dog, there is no better thing than getting a family to play with once the job becomes too boring.

So join your hands in praise of the dog who, with the power of boredom and puppy-dog eyes, was able to squeeze her way out of a risky job, and scored a nice life of food, play and squirrels to chase as a bonus. Quite the golden parachute, eh?

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