'Confining Ambedkar to specific caste incorrect'

'Confining Ambedkar to specific caste incorrect'

Various assns in Cmagalur celebrate Ambedkars 119th birth anniversary

'Confining Ambedkar to specific caste incorrect'

Presenting a paper on ‘Life of B R Ambedkar’ during the 119th birth anniversary of Dr B R Ambedkar in Chikmagalur on Wednesday, Prof Chamaram said that confining Ambedkar to a specific religion or caste is incorrect because he thought of the welfare and well-being of the entire nation.

“Many of the Dalit organisations, in the quest of fighting for power and rights have forgotten to fight for the cause of the suppressed. There are still large number of suppressed people who have not yet been given freedom and equality. Dalits should learn to live with dignity first,” he said.

MLA C T Ravi presided over the programme. He said that though changes are not happening in the social system, efforts are being made at the Government level to bring in change and off late the said changes are visible.  “The atrocities on Dalits have reduced to some extent because of fear of the law,” he said.

ZP President K M Kemparaj inaugurated the programme. Deputy Commissioner Dr N S Chinnappa Gowda, District Superintendent of Police Vikas Kumar, ZP CEO Ramanna and others were present.


Meanwhile, celebrating 119th birth anniversary of Dr B R Ambedkar and 103rd birth anniversary of Babu Jagjivan Ram at Kadur Taluk Panchayat Office on Wednesday, ZP President K M Kemparaju said that people from various religions, castes should live with understanding, only then equality can prevail in the society. He called upon the people to imbibe life, preaching and principles of Dr B R Ambedkar so as to lead a meaningful life.

The programme was inaugurated by Taluk Panchayat President Umesh, who opined that people from all castes, class and religion should worship Ambedkar for his contribution to the nation. Tahshildar Roopa said that Ambedkar’s thinking, human concern and his dream of equality are all relevant in today’s society and should become guiding light for the future.

N R Pura

Government First Grade College Social Lecturer K Umesh said that Dr B R Ambedkar wanted to bring about change in the society through struggle and movement based on principles of Mahatma Gandhiji.

Addressing the Ambedkar Jayanthi celebration held at newly built Ambedkar Bhavan at Ambedkar nagar, on Wednesday, he said that ‘education,’ ‘organisation’ and ‘struggle’ were the principles in which Ambedkar had belief.  He said that Dalits and the suppressed can fight their battle only if they are educated and organised.

Taluk Panchayat President M S Jayaprakash presided over the programme. Chief Whip in State Assembly D N Jeevaraj, Dalit Sangharsha Samiti State divisional convener N Venkatesh Babu and others were present.


District Kannada Sahithya Parishat Convener Kundur Ashok said that Constitution is the biggest gift given by Dr B R Ambedkar to India. Addressing 119th birth anniversary celebration of Dr B R Ambedkar, he said that the constitution drafted by Dr B R Ambedkar at an age when society was very different is today showing path of well being to the entire nation.

Mudigere Tahshildar Shivegowda said that Ambedkar came to rescue of the people who were victimised on caste basis through his constitution, ensuring right to equality, life and dignity.

The programme was presided over by MLA Kumaraswamy who said that there are several programmes being made by the Government for the welfare of the Dalits and hence the officials must take up the responsibility of taking these programmes to the genuine beneficiaries. Taluk Panchayat President Lakshmi Ramaiah and others were present.