Moving 'fur'ther away

Moving 'fur'ther away

Italian luxury brand ‘Gucci’ recently announced their decision to go fur-free, starting from their Spring-Summer 2018 collection.

Some say that the brand has taken this step amidst pressure from animal rights activists and because of changing consumer tastes. However, the brand’s president and chief executive, Marco Bizzarri says that it was a move inspired by their desire to be socially responsible. 

This step has evoked positive reactions from the global community. Member of ‘People for Animals’, Samhita Kashyap says, “Clothes are no more one’s basic need. Today, it is all about the brand one is wearing and their status symbol. In doing so, seldom do people think about what the products are made of. A step like this by a big and established brand is definitely a good move for animal welfare. This will lead to a huge transformation in the fashion world.”

However, she also points out that this can be a tactic for the brand to establish themselves as an eco-friendly label among consumers and gain their attention. “After so many campaigns about animal cruelty, people are more aware now. This has resulted in people going for eco-friendly products. By positioning itself as an environmentally conscious brand, Gucci is perhaps trying to make use of this sentiment,” she adds.  

Reacting positively to this move, designer Liza Narula of ‘Krasns Couture by Liza Narula’ says, “The decision to go fur-free can be a turning point in the fashion world. This, in the long run, will encourage other high profile brands to adopt similar agendas and work together for the betterment of the environment. It will definitely prove to be a game-changer in the future”. 

Liza herself has stopped using fur and is now planning to avoid leather for her next collection.

‘Gucci’ is not the only brand to give up animal products. Global brands like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Armani too have set an example by following this policy a few years ago.

“An extremely well-established brand which has a global audience is sure to make an impact in the fashion world. They can help create awareness about animal welfare on a global level, while also setting an example for other brands. On the face of it, while the brand seems to be supporting animals and the environment, they may have their own motive to cover up the fur controversy they were earlier embroiled in. Still, it is a win-win situation for the brand. While they are showing their humane side, they are also undoing earlier mistakes,” says Ritikaa Goel, an animal activist. 

All said and done, it is a welcome step by one of the biggest names in the fashion fraternity to rectify years of animal abuse and cruelty. Hopefully, others will take note and follow suit.

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