What's in the sting tape?

Caught red-handed

What’s in the tape?

The conversations between undercover reporters and Pandurang Salgaoncar in the edited video are centred on the pitch.

In the video, Salgaoncar says that the pitch would have runs.

"It is very good. It will garner 337 runs. And 337 will be chaseable."

In another clip, at the stadium, Salgaoncar is seen and heard telling the reporters that as per BCCI and ICC regulations no outsider is allowed to be near the pitch. He also points to the presence of (Ramesh) Mhamunkar (BCCI pitch observer) at the ground. Later he assures them that (if someone asks about your visit) he would say no one visited here. 

One of the reporters, at this point, is shown tapping a pitch.

In another conversation, this time inside a car, the reporter asks whether two fast bowlers could be given some help from the match's pitch. To this, Salgaoncar replies saying, “the pitch always helps fast bowlers.”

Further, the reporter prods that if either a player or a team - the identity is not revealed - be dealt a "favour" for the game. Salgaoncar says: "I told you, this will be a 340-run wicket, either way."

The reporter says, "You've already said that. We will bet on that. But the ****** (name of player or team) we want a favour for tomorrow's match..."

Salcaongar interrupts and says: "That will be done. I told you."

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