In a fit of fury

Road rage

In a fit of fury

The average Bengalurean’s drive in the city is often spiced with irritation cause by blaring horns, people taking dangerous U-turns and broken roads. This in turn leads to squabbles and fights on the roads which even escalate to more serious episodes. In the light of recent road-rage incidents that happened at Tavarekere Main Road and KG Halli, in the last few weeks, Bengalureans raise their concern over the need for sensitive driving.

Be it the smoke or the constant honking, many factors on the road contribute to recurring road rage incidents. Bengalureans like Abishek Ananda, a customer care representative, who travels for around 30 kms everyday within city limits, says that cab drivers around IT parks add to the frustration with their callous behaviour. “Their target is to leave and reach on schedule and they don’t mind inconveniencing others in the process,” he adds.

Abishek adds that road rage can only be addressed from an individual point of view. “Patience is the key to safe driving,” he says.

The self-centered approach is only leading to accidents and averse situations, observes Kamala Ramesh, a technical delivery manager. “Everyone is in a hurry and wants to reach their end destination sooner. And they don’t mind doing so by inconveniencing others. A sensitive approach while on the road is a must,” she says. When vehicles suddenly jerk, bikers suffer a bigger impact. “They could either fall off the bike or hit someone else,” she adds. 

Kamala who travels from Jayanagar to Hebbal daily, says that arguments on the road are a common sight now. “It’s a lack of discipline and knowledge of rules that leads to exchange of words. Creating awareness about basic road etiquette is the only way out,” she points out. Better traffic management is the best solution, she adds. “The traffic cops should be strict with rules and a frequent perpetrator’s driver’s license should be revoked,” she details.

Karthik Kumar, an associate vice-president with a software firm, who travels by the Outer Ring Road everyday says that he sees at least two to three similar incidents everyday. “From minor accidents to physical brawls, I witness something everyday. Most often, the riders forget that brakes exist and just use the accelerator and the horn. Many are seen taking sudden U turns, which leads to confusion on the road,” he adds.

Add to these, the broken and tattered condition of the roads contribute to any Bengalurean’s plight. “With huge crater-like potholes in the middle of the roads, everyday is a battle. While one is trying to maintain their balance through this, if suddenly someone honks or overtakes, it can make one lose their balance,” he says. Proper infrastructural changes like better roads and use of public transport can lead to lesser traffic, he adds.

Agreeing to this, psychologist and life counsellor Aditya Mansingh, pitches in that frustration at work also leads to irritation during travel time. “There have been incidents, when I lost my temper on autodrivers. Most of them have the tendency to yell out, even when a vehicle hasn’t hit them. This by itself can make one lose their balance,” she says. Staying cool-headed when hitting the road, is the biggest need of the hour, she says.

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