Make watermelon waste into a tasty curry

Make watermelon waste into a tasty curry

Make watermelon waste into a tasty curry

The outer part of this huge fruit is usually thrown away, and often soils the plastic bags into which many of us are used to disposing off our garbage, causing a major problem for those in charge of keeping the city clean.

 We at Navadarshanam have worked out a recipe by which this ‘waste’ can be converted into a tasty curry, particularly suitable to eat with chapattis. We wish to share this recipe with you:

 After the watermelon has been cut open and the juicy part consumed, peel off the green outer covering (which we have so far thrown away, but one day hope to convert into a chutney the way ridge gourd peels can be made use of).

Cut the whitish part remaining into pieces about one cu. cm. in size
For every half kg of the above pieces, carry out the following procedure for converting into curry:

*Make a masala with 3 cut onions and 5 cut tomatoes, stir fry in very little oil, add half a coconut in grated form plus two teaspoons of sambar powder.

*Boil the half kg of watermelon pieces with a little turmeric and salt.

*After the pieces have boiled, cool it, add the masala and bring again to boil.

*Add fresh curry leaves on top.

The above is a procedure we have worked out with some experimentation. But you may try other variants of it using your creative talents, and you are likely to come up with even better recipes, giving you the satisfaction of a good, new dish to your daily menu, and the additional satisfaction of reducing the considerable waste that our consumption of watermelon generates these days. One possible variant of the above dish would be to use the watermelon pieces to make sambar or majjige huli. In fact, the watermelon pieces can be used as a substitute for ash gourd or ‘mangalore southakkai’, wherever these are traditionally used.