South City residents protest

Promised a township over a 34 acre expanse of land, the South City developers reportedly  “relinquished” part of the township to the BDA 10 years ago. The township that is supposed to hold five towers and nearly 2,000 apartments is already three-fourth complete and has nearly 850 to 900 flats sold.

On Thursday, the owners of the undivided property of 34 acres of land came out on the streets to protest against the opening of a road within their land by BDA for public use. The developers also withdrew their security guards and opened an unused gate that leads to a nearby lake and a drain behind the township.

The owners claimed that the authorities were providing a connecting road to a new Film City which is being planned right next to the Township. Sreenivasan, a resident of South City expressed his displeasure and felt cheated.

Charting a future course of action the owners now intend to approach the High Court for further directives. “The move by the BDA is a violation of the High Court injunction and interim relief provided to us. We will now move the High Court by filing a contempt petition,” said a resident of South City township, Abraham Kuruvilla.  

BDA responds

BDA dismissed the residents claim of a injunction that stops the BDA from opening the roads. “The case referred to the High Court does not have us (BDA) as a party to the entire issue. The land on which the road runs through is BDA property,” said a official of the BDA. The Authority said that apart from the road, a park which is also within the same vicinity has been built for public use and does not figure in the South City property. The total area as claimed by the BDA measure 12 acres of land.   

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