Fengshui could help us tide over such situations. But for Fengshui to have an impact, one needs to have persistence and determination. You can pass it off as a superstitious belief system and wonder how little chimes, bells and fountains can change all that has gone wrong so far in your life and make you more sceptical. All I can say is Fengshui certainly creates the right harmony and frame of mind, and helps you tap into your inner potential to unlock your hidden strength.

Firstly, chart out all that has gone wrong so far and prioritise the situation. Have things started falling apart after you possibly moved certain things or added them in your home or office, or is it something to do with your new home, a renovation you carried out or a construction?

For a person not exposed to the intricacies of Fengshui analysis, these things may not be obvious but even little things like clutter in certain areas of your home or office could trigger off a series of negative situations.

After you have a better and clearer picture as to which areas of your life are working and which ones are crying for attention, look around and see what is happening in your space on a very basic level. Is your bedroom cluttered, generating negative vibes, stale smelling?  Next, look around the main door. Is it looking fresh and has a positive feel with good chi energy? Is your lobby, foyer or verandah looking clean, inviting and unblocked or is it chaotic? Chaos at the entry will for sure bring in the same kind of energy and feel in your life. Is the movement of energy conducive and going right into the house or is it getting blocked due to furniture, décor etc?

Then, check your kitchen and bathroom. Are these two places looking okay or do they smell bad and look bad? The kitchen is all about nourishing and the ability to sustain yourself. The bathroom is all about learning to take care of yourself and the ability to let go, and both are important for your well-being at all levels.

 After you have done a thorough “scanning” of your space, taking care of every detail that surrounds you, the messages most things in your home carry in terms of colours, emotions, their state of being, the possible cluttered spots and adjusting them properly adapt Fengshui into your space and organise things to not just look better but make you feel good. You need  to de-clutter before applying the more advanced levels of Fengshui, or they will most probably not work for you.  

And yes, you should definitely strengthen the north sector of your home or office, as it is connected to your path in life, or career. Both water and metal colours are good for this sector and you could even place images connected to the growth of your career and as a human being.

(The author is a Fengshui consultant and traditional Vaastu practitioner. Email:-consultation@fengshuiserver.com)