Video: A Pro Tip on how to exact revenge on an Auto driver who says 'no'

Video: A Pro Tip on how to exact revenge on an Auto driver who says 'no'

Public transport is a major boon to millions of people every single day of the week. By and large, it is cheaper and cleaner than private transport and can, on a good day, even be faster.

However, Indians probably face a unique problem in public transport. Autos, or specifically, auto drivers insisting on refusing to ferry passengers, sometimes for the most ludicrous of reasons. These reasons often include the following phrases:

1. Don't wanna

2. I'm on the wrong side of the road/I'm going elsewhere

3. I have to get my auto refuelled

4. I'm waiting (for whom/what?)

5. I'll have to go empty from there

But now, there is a means to exact vengeance on that auto driver whose refusal cost you precious time, that made you late for class, late for work, late for your movie or late for insert-event-here.

Matters are not in the favour of auto drivers, as their continued refusal to ferry passengers has inadvertently helped the rise of cab services, which are steadily eating away at the auto drivers' work.

In light of this, Ashish Chanchlani has come up with an excellent video, which can actually act as a pro tip on how to get back on your auto driver when he says no to you.

Warning, the video has a few instances of verbal and visual profanity, so viewer discretion is highly recommended.

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