Cut above the rest

Cut above the rest

A beauty event held in the City recently showcased the five trends of the season, which are in vogue

Cut above the rest

Daisy Bopanna

The show started with models portraying these looks and wearing Amita Sharma’s summer collection, ‘Colours of Buddhism’. Najeeb Ur Rehman, the technical head of the company explained to the audience, comprising hairdressers, on how to create each look on their clients.

“Most of these looks have taken their creative inspiration from international fashion shows. I believe in creating hairstyles that are attractive which will also showcase one’s attitude and individual personality,” he added.

Among all the looks, the ‘Uniform’ style was the most practical and wearable. According to Najeeb, ‘Uniform’ goes well with ‘don’t mess with me attitude’. “The hairstyle features a colour combination that places matte shades of khaki, navy and grey amidst a black base for maximum impact,” he added.

Cyber Sport portrayed the most vibrant colours and according to Najeeb, the look was a symbiosis of 60s’ modernism and science fiction, suiting the young and the playful. It was basically a modern-day bob with the most vibrant and shiny red finish.

“The look is inspired by surfers and neon lights. It is meant to stand out in the crowd,” said Najeeb. One of the most commercial looks of the lot was the ‘Punk Goddess’ look. Using contrasting combinations, which were a little over the top and yet feminine in nature, the look suited those with a punky rebellious attitude.

One of the essential looks was also ultra-feminine in nature. Called the ‘Boudoir’, the style works around the waves and curls of the hair coupled with a lot of texturing and is meant to be ‘romantic’ in nature.The colours used for this look too tends be more towards the rich and plush colours like tones of wine red, copper and rich brown.

The final look was unveiled by show-stopper Daisy Bopanna who sported the ‘Diva’ look. Like its name, the look had a very glamourous feel with minimum layers and a long fringe. Keeping the colour jet black made the entire look very simple and elegant.