In witty tweet, Rahul Gandhi reveals who handles his Twitter

In witty tweet, Rahul Gandhi reveals who handles his Twitter

Rahul Gandhi's Twitter feed has suddenly seen a surge in humour and numbers, leaving some wondering whether somebody else does the job for the Congress vice president.

Now, Rahul has hit back with sarcasm and humour to take on the 'Doubting Thomases' by posting a video of his pet 'Pidi', a puppy, and holding it responsible for all the tweets from his handle.

"People (have) been asking who tweets for this guy..I'm coming's me..Pidi... Look what I can do with a tweet..oops..treat!,"
Rahul tweeted on Sunday afternoon. The tweet gathered over 5,400 retweets and some 14,000 likes in the first five hours.

In a video, Rahul can be heard prompting Pidi to do a namaste. The puppy then stands up and a biscuit is placed on its muzzle. Soon after a gesture by the hand, the biscuit disappears into Pidi's mouth.

However, the video also got a political punch from a former Congress leader, who is now a prominent minister in the BJP government in Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma.

In response, Sarma tweeted, "Sir @OfficeOfRG,who knows him better than me. Still remember you busy feeding biscuits 2 him while we wanted to discuss urgent Assam's issues."

Rahul, with over four million followers, has of late been coming up with witty posts. However, his critics have claimed that it is not his work and is the handiwork of a team of social media professionals.

Some reports also claimed that the recent surge in the number of his followers was due to bots.

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