Party has begun!

Party has begun!

Think Halloween and masks, elaborate costumes and loads of candy are what comes first to one's mind. With just a day away from Halloween, the expatriates in the city are ready with their costumes and set to celebrate.

For Adam Walker from New York, who works as a product manager with a startup, the day is all about sporting interesting costumes and partying.

Adam hosted a Halloween party with partner Aysha Sanam and the duo were dressed as the economist Adam Smith and his
book 'The Wealth of Nations'.

"As a little American boy, the holiday has always been a very important day for me. Wearing a costume, collecting candies from every house and carving out 'Jack-o-lanterns' are some memories connected to the day," he says.  

"While the festivities have transformed from gobbling sweets to partying with friends, the  crux of the  holiday stays the same -- having fun!" he says.  

Halloween is an excuse to just spend some time away from mundane life and be one's craziest self.  Being elaborate with costumes can be a lot of fun and Brent Mayhew from  Gatwick, UK, who works as a wealth manager with an MNC, remembers creating different looks for every Halloween. "It's a fancy dress event. There are a lot of restaurants which have special offers and events on that day and people stock  up sweets. I remember playing a lot of pranks as a child on the day," he says.Brent's daughter Brianne and wife  Catherine took part in the 'Halloween Parade'.

Catherine, who is from Philippines, says that  the day is also about remembering the dead and having fun activities at the graveyard.

"Back home, we would visit the graveyards, prepare food like rice noodles and adobo and offer it to the people who passed on. We also make homemade sweets like 'kakanin'," she recollects.

This year she will be dressed as 'The White Ghost' and her daughter will be dressed as 'The Victorian Maid'.

"It's a  nice day to dress up. I remember wearing interesting costumes as a teenager," she says.      

The holiday precedes the 'All Saint's Day' (on November 1), which is observed in Philippines and Ema Trinidad, an entrepreneur,  points out that it is a reunion for the family.

"Everyone comes home for this.  The graveyards are cleaned for the rituals. It's a fun event and it's a time to  pay tribute to departed loved ones. The celebrations even includes karaoke and singing," she says.

In Bengaluru, Halloween for her is about meeting friends and having fun.

"My costume this year is 'The Evil Queen'. I organised a 'Halloween Parade' on Sunday which had competitions and 'Trick or Treat'," she adds.  

Jesh Wilson, who works with a strategy consultancy firm and hails from Singapore, says, "It's all about sporting a costume and being silly with people you like spending time with. I love any excuse to have a party and Halloween  is a perfect one. This year, I am dressed as a Japanese school girl," he says. Ask about food and Jesh says that anything prepared with pumpkin like 'Pumpkin soup' or 'Pumpkin pie' and candy form a big part of the  celebrations.

"Food is not the focus of this holiday though. It's about fun and friends, after all!" he  adds.  

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