Music and Dance Review- Successful conference

Music and Dance Review- Successful conference
Successful conference

The Bangalore Gayana Samaja conducted the annual music conference last week, successfully.

R N Tyagarajan and R N Tharanathan (Rudrapattana Brothers) presided over the 48th music conference and received the prestigious title “Sangeetha Kalarathna” in the Vidwath Sadas. Apart from the concerts by the seasoned musicians, six young musicians also performed and academic sessions were held with Saint Tyagaraja as the conference theme. Five eminent artistes - M G Venkataraghavan (vocal), B Raghuram (violin), N G Ravi (percussion), Dr K Varadarangan (musicology) and Gangamma Keshavamurthy (Gamaka) were felicitated with the title “Sri Kala Jyothi,” on the occasion.

The vocal duet of Ranjani and Gayathri gave a grand opening to the concert series of the conference. The familiar varna in Hamsadhwani and the devaranama “Sakala Grahabala Neene” - gave them a bright start.

Alapana of Mayamalavagowla for Annamachar Kruthi was brief but brought a serene atmosphere. Devagandhari was another good selection. Hemavathi, the grand raga, came into its own with a fine alap it was a good experience with ‘Grahabheda.’

They chose a gem from the treasure chest of Dikshitar in the composition “Sri Kantimathi”. “Niravadi Sakhada” with chitteswara was a popular composition of yesteryears, which was also pleasing. The duo capped their efforts with a sparkling exposition of the Hamsadhwani raga and a pallavi in Khanda Triputa further enhancing the impact with “Grahabhheda” and ragamalikaswara.

Young violinist H M Smitha gave an enthusiastic response throughout, while the percussionists Delhi Sairam and Narayana Murthy accompanied with good understanding.

Soulful Veena

D Balakrishna who gave a Veena concert last week is a reputed vainika of “Mysore Baani”. Known for his vast repertoire, Balakrishna is also one of our able Gurus (teacher).

In his concert, he justified the reputation he has built for himself in a distinguished career. Bilahari and Shahana were the two ragas to receive sustained attention, the famed krithies acquiring a special delight. Though Bhairavi is one of the most commonly heard ragas, it attained a depth and flavour of its own, when played by a seasoned veena player like D Balakrishna. Varali was rendered with a good feeling and we rarely hear these days raga Chenchu Kambodhi.

Madhyamavati, an ‘audava’ raga which belongs to Kharaharapriya varga, - is one of the popular ragas of Karnatic music. Balakrishna gave a spacious alap with an enlivening thana, leaving a lingering effect. Vamshidhar on flute gave a good account of himself. The way they handled the Pallavi between them was as impactful as it was refreshing. They concluded with two popular compositions - a devaranama (Krishna Nee Begane Baro) and a thillana in Behag raga. Senior percussionist K V Prasad gave a lively support throughout and young Narayana Murthy also supported on Ghata.

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