Election of standing committee heads opposed

Election of standing committee heads opposed

Election of standing committee heads opposed

The process of election of standing committee chairpersons led to heated debate between Mayor G Venkataramana and corporator Maridev at the general body meeting of the City Corporation meeting held in Ballari on Tuesday.

Mr Maridev complained that the number of members of the standing committees was not correct, and questioned the criteria used to select the chairperson of these committees.

Mr Maridev took exception when City Corporation Commissioner M K Nalavadi got ready to felicitate the newly elected chairpersons of the standing committees. "Stop felicitating the chairpersons, and allow the discussion on the issue," he demanded. Other corporators too supported Maridev.

He contended that three committees were two members short. However, the election of the chairperson of these committees had been held. A written request has been submitted to explain this lapse, he informed.

He took strong exception when Mayor G Venkataramana tried to intervene. " When I am talking with the Commissioner, why are you intervening in the middle?" he questioned the mayor. This led to the heated exchange of words between them, plunging the meeting into utter chaos for sometime. However, the situation was brought under control by other members. Mr Maridev walked out of the meeting complaining that his words carried no weight.

UGD works

Corporator Kumarswamy complained about the inefficient implementation of the underground drainage work in the city. "Though the City Corporation has spent crores on the project, the underground drainage system is completely damaged. I am unable to understand where all the money is going. The precious time of the meetings is always wasted in verbal clashes and unnecessary debates. No meaningful discussions take place on the development works," he said.

Reacting to this, Mayor G Venkataramana stated that underground drainage work was still going on, and assured that if low quality of work is brought to his notice, he would visit the spot and conduct inspection.

Mr Kumarswamy stated that Satyanarayan Pete in Ballari City was facing water problem for the past 11 days. Despite this, no step has been taken, he complained.

Corporator Renuka urged the officials to take steps immediately as the water problem was persisting in her ward for the past 15 days. An official replied to her that the problem was due to some technical reasons, and would be sorted out soon.

Corporator Kumarswamy stated that there was no need to spend lakhs of rupees on shifting of hi-mast pole located at H R Gaviappa Circle, since Corporation name was not mentioned at the Circle. The city is facing teething problems, the money could be spent on addressing these problems, he suggested. However, this was opposed by several members.

They said, it is a matter of pride for the city to have 150-feet hi-mast.

Mr Kumarswamy then raised the issue of scarcity of sand, and urged the officials to take steps to solve the problem.

Shashab was elected as chairperson of standing committee on Public Health and Education, Chandrakala was elected to head Tax, Finance, and Appeals Committee, and Akbar was elected to head Urban Planning and Development Committee.

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