CM launches apps for citizen outreach, crop survey

CM launches apps for citizen outreach, crop survey

CM launches apps for citizen outreach, crop survey

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Tuesday launched a Citizen Connect mobile app through which the public can interact with him by way of providing suggestions and lodging grievances.

The app - available on Android and iOS platforms - will showcase achievements of the state government, details of schemes, chief minister's speeches and schedule among other features. The app does not require users to register. However, registration is necessary if citizens want to use the 'Interact with CM' feature.

Siddaramaiah also launched a farmer crop survey app. The app will help collect authentic information crops being grown all over the state. "This is India's first GPS-enabled app-based crop survey," Agriculture Minister Krishna Byre Gowda told reporters.

"There are 2.7 crore landholdings in Karnataka and the Revenue department was tasked with collecting details of crops being grown. However, the collection stopped and the records of rights, tenancy and crops (RTC) or Pahani documents do not reflect crop details," Gowda explained.

The absence of genuine crop data resulted in shortcomings during assessment of drought and price variation, he added.

Thus far, the app was being used only by officials and nearly 45 lakh crop details have been captured. Now, farmers themselves can use the app to upload information on their crops.

Authentic information of crops will help farmers apply for loans, claim insurance and also get compensation from the government. "The app is linked to the Bhoomi land records and crop information farmers upload will reflect in the RTC," Gowda said.

Both the apps have been developed by the Centre for e-Governance.