'I am waiting for the right script'

'I am waiting for the right script'

Actor Harshika Poonacha's first look in 'Chitte' went viral after it was launched recently.
It has the actor sporting the painting of a butterfly on her back.

She is overwhelmed with the response that has been pouring in from friends, family and fans and feels that every woman will be able to connect to her character.

She is paired opposite actor Yashas Surya and Harshika thinks the strong rapport between them has helped strengthen their on-screen performance.

In an interview with Nina C George, Harshika shares her experience of working in 'Chitte'.

Did you enjoy playing your character in 'Chitte'?

I go by the name of Sona in the film and my pet name is 'Chitte'.

My character is quite similar to that of a butterfly.

Just like how a butterfly doesn't sit in one place but keeps moving, I am never able to take a decision. This is where my character strikes a connection with the hero. His role is a strong contrast to what I portray.

On working with Yashas Surya...

His role is a contrast to mine. While I am fickle-minded, Yashas is quick to make up his mind and implement his decisions. It is interesting to see how the two of us solve the problems that arise in our lives. We begin as friends but later, our feelings change.

How will people relate to the character of 'Chitte'?

Every girl will strike a chord with my character. Girls usually don't like hurting anybody. They are quick to forgive and forget. But this attitude gets them into a lot of trouble because they begin to indirectly encourage something that is wrong.

Are you taking it slow?

My last release was 'Re' with Ramesh Aravind. There was a time when I kept signing films one

after the other, without thinking about the result. But I soon realised that this is not how it should be and began carefully choosing my projects .

Have you ever thought of acting in other languages?

My Tamil project is almost complete. I am listening to a few scripts in Malayalam and Tamil but I am yet to sign on the dotted line. I am waiting for the right script.

What's your role in 'Upendra Mathe Baa'?

I play a village girl in the movie. I wore a half sari for the first time and loved my look in the film.

Any interesting experiences from the film?

I enjoyed working with Prema. It is not easy to switch characters and emotions but Prema did it effortlessly. I take a long time to snap out of the characters that I play.

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