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Actor Srujan Lokesh comes from a family of actors who have contributed immensely to the growth of Kannada cinema.

Grandson of theatre artiste M V Subbaiah Naidu and son of Sandalwood actors Lokesh and Girija, Srujan began his career as a child artiste and swiftly moved to bagging lead roles. His notable films include 'Typical Kailas', 'Chakravarthy', 'Jaggu Dada', 'Porki' and 'Navagraha'.

He forayed into television with 'Majaa Talkies' which has successfully completed more than 280 episodes. He is now taking the show to Australia. He will soon be seen as a judge
in 'Comedy Talkies'.

His last release was 'Happy Journey' in which he played a young office-goer.



"My father Lokesh is my inspiration. My grandfather M V Subbaiah Naidu was the first Kannada talkie film hero. So when my father took up acting, he had to prove himself. He didn't work on too many commercial movies but his choice of roles were impeccable. I always admired my  father because he stood his ground and believed in his principles. He taught me to be prepared for the worst and to make sure that my problems don't come the way of my creativity."


S P Balasubramaniam

"S P Balasubramaniam and Mukesh are my favourite singers. I like S P Balasubramaniam for his versatility. His voice suits every  actor -- from Salman Khan and Dr Rajkumar to Anant Nag. He  has a magical voice. I always felt that Mukesh doesn't sing but orates. It is like listening to a poem.  He has a very melodious voice  and his renditions have power and meaning."



"My most preferred travel destinations are Madikeri and Mysuru. These two cities have a charm like none other. They  have become a little crowded  now but they still manage to  
draw tourists. I also frequently travel to my friend's resort called 'Discovery Village' near Kabini. I go there whenever I manage to find some time. At home, my  room happens to be my favourite space."


'Chilli chicken'

"I love anything that is non-vegetarian. I learnt cooking from my father and began cooking about 15 years ago. My favourite dish to cook is 'Chilli chicken'. I don't intend to sound boastful but I make the best 'Chilli chicken'. I also make chicken and mutton biryani, fish fry and prawns. When it comes to vegetarian food, I like 'Chitranna' and 'Bisi bele bath'. Now my wife has taken over the kitchen but I cook whenever I have time."


Dr Rajkumar

"I enjoy watching the films of Dr Rajkumar. He was a versatile actor. He has done mythological and period films as well as romantic and sentimental roles. But, you never feel that he is acting. He emoted all the characters beautifully. His film 'Babruvahana', where he played both father and son, is my all-time favourite. Another actor whose work shines through is Anant Nag. He too is a fantastic actor who has managed to carve a niche for himself."

(As told to Nina C George)

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