Indians most forgetful air travellers in Asia Pacific

Last Updated 02 November 2017, 20:44 IST

Indians are the most forgetful travellers in the Asia Pacific region, a 'Travel Addicts' survey by leading travel search engine, Kayak, has concluded. Thirty-three percent of Indian travellers miss their flight or mix up flight times, says the report.

This memory problem affects their hotel stay too. Thirty-two percent of travellers from the country get hotel names mixed up and ends up at the wrong place. In comparison, only 14% Singaporean travellers lapse into this memory loss.

But Indian travellers are sharp enough to better everyone else in posting their travel experiences on social media. They average 10 posts for every trip, while those from Hong Kong and Japan put up only an average of four/trip.

Indians will not be satisfied by just posting. The survey found that 38% of Indian travellers will check the performance of their social media posts every few hours or more often.

They have to keep track of 'likes' and 'comments.' But for travellers from Hong Kong (44%) and Singapore (38%), these checks will not go beyond once or twice a day.

In comparison, 24% of Australian respondents said they would never post even a single picture on social media. Travel, for them, is a complete shutdown from the virtual world.
Now, something about travel planning. For 53% of Indian travellers, money is a key factor, more important than a safe environment (46%). Availability of mobile internet (29%), good weather (27%) and a comfortable accommodation (23%) are other important factors.

But here's another reason why Indian travellers stand out: Twelve percent of them book their travel when drunk! Only six percent of Aussies and Koreas do it this way.

However, those from Hong Kong match Indians in another way: Eighteen percent of respondents there admitted to booking a trip while listening to a boring lecture in class.

As part of the Travel Addicts Survey, Kayak interviewed 2,100 respondents across Asia Pacific region. To understand travellers' behaviour and how addicted they were to travel, the survey targeted those in the 21 to 45 years age group.

(Published 02 November 2017, 18:52 IST)

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